Welcome to the official website of the 2013 Canadian National Iaido Championships (CNIC). Please visit frequently as more details are solidified over the next couple of months.


It is our pleasure to announce and host the first national tournament for the Canadian Kendo Federation (CKF) with special delegation from the All Japan Kendo Federation:
  • Chihiro Kishimoto (Hanshi 8 Dan)
  • Atsumi Hatakenaka (Kyoshi 8 Dan)
All members of the International Kendo Federation are cordially invited to participate in the 2-day seminar focusing on the principles of competition in Iaido. A 1-day tournament will be held on August 31st for Iaidoka all across Canada to match spirit and technique in friendly matches.

Please take some time to go through this website and forward any questions to info@mumonkai.ca.

We look forward to seeing you this Labour Day weekend!

Mu Mon Kai Iaido
Discovery, Empowerment, Fellowship

P.S. Events like these only happen because of the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers. If you would like to be a member of this wonderful group of individuals, please indicate this on the registration form.

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